Thursday, February 12, 2015


Webelo scout John Patt from Holley Cub Scout Pack 62 wanted to "feed the hungry kids". He created a program for his elementary school called "Rollin' In The Dough". Each student was given empty coin wrappers and asked to fill them. All the money collected went to the school's program, Food For Families, which helps feed local families by giving them groceries to help get through extended school breaks. This is the second year John did this program, and collected about $250 each year, helping over 30 families.

Monday, February 9, 2015


In January, 16 year-old Cameron Calandra of Troop 47 in Pendleton began the process of wrapping up his Eagle Scout project, which involves sending needed and requested items to U.S. troops stationed around the world.

Using the website, Calandra developed a list of addresses and needed items in late August, then set to work collecting donations from family, friends and the community. He also used a website to crowdsource funds for the project, raising a total of $900 for supplies from his efforts.

Calandra and his crew of volunteers were able to fill 40 boxes with supplies for both male and female troops. He’ll be sending five boxes to each of eight different addresses, from Naval ships to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also collected letters to the troops from students in the Barker Central School District, which will also be sent in the boxes.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Avon's Troop 26 has two new Eagle Scouts, Aidan Lewis and Jacob Peterson. Sean Dempsey was Avon’s 100th Eagle, so these two young men represent the start of the next 100 Eagle Scouts from Avon!

Aidan’s project was to build the kiosk at the start of the new Erie-Attica trail, and to insert the map and content for visitors to learn about the area.

Jake’s project involved moving the food and shelving for the Food Pantry from the old Catholic Church rectory basement to their new building.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


In 2014 our scouts completed 22,690 hours of community service while collecting 12.5 tons of food for local food pantries.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Trevor Cole, a Life Scout in Livonia's Boy Scout Troop 4074 decided to do something for the servicemen who are stationed overseas. In a project he called Treats For Troops, Trevor collected Halloween candy from the students of Livonia's Elementary and Middle schools. For the few days after Halloween, Trevor had collection boxes at both schools and with daily reminders in the schools' announcements, the candy poured in. In 3 days the students and teachers contributed 59 pounds of candy, which Trevor and other Scouts from his troop packaged into over 250 snack size bags. He delivered these to Cynthia Strasburg, affectionately known as Mama Cindy, who will ship them to service men and women around the world through her Hand to Hand~Heart to Heart Soldier Fund.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Scouts and volunteer leaders from across the entire Iroquois Trail Council participated in the 28th annual "Scouting for Food" drive in November. The food collected is distributed to numerous emergency and crisis type agencies. All food collected in a district was distributed locally to agencies in that particular county.

The Council typically collects 30,000 food items per year.

As examples of how amazing this year's drive was, look at these totals from just a few of our units...

Troop 59 and Pack 62 were working together to cover the Clarendon/Holley area and delivered 1133 pieces of food items to the Eastern Orleans County Community Center in Holley.

Troop and Pack 4077 collected, sorted and donated 1100 food items to the Nunda food pantry.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Eagle Scout Alex Hansen oversaw 2 dozen volunteers who hauled out 180 pounds of garbage from Tonawanda Creek in Batavia.

His project required the cooperation of Genesee ARC (who hauled away the garbage for free) and Sloat Tire to pick up the tires that were collected.

"The creek over the years has become really polluted with trash," Alex said. "People just throw tires and water heaters and even air conditioners right over the bridges in town. All this stuff gets washed to places, such as Kiwanis Park, and so we have people people cleaning because there's trash everywhere."

"We think this will make a positive difference for the community because people want to enjoy the creek again," Alex said. "We want to make it a better place for people and wildlife."

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Troop 4174 of Livonia recently had a ceremony at which they recognized SEVEN Boy Scouts from their troop who earned the rank of Eagle this past year.

Their list of service projects is incredibly impressive...

James Damon: Designed and built an informational kiosk at Vitale Park for the Livingston County Planning Department, the Town of Livonia and the Conesus Lake Association Education Committee. The kiosk provides a place for the agencies to post information about Conesus Lake. The project was completed in October 2011.

Brady Davis:
Gathered, organized and filled 500 sandbags for use by the Livonia, Lakeville, Hemlock and Conesus Fire Departments. The project was completed in October 2013.

Brian Gaffney:
Completed Kinney Creek walking trail improvements, site of the old Lehigh Valley Railroad, for the Town of Livonia. The project was completed in April 2011

Devin Horan: Updated the Livonia High School Varsity Baseball diamond. The project, completed in October 2012, included removal of the old batting cage, construction of a new batting cage and two bullpens, placement of new turf and the addition of turf to existing hitting stations

Scott McLaughlin: Created a reflection garden at St. Matthew Church’s cemetery which features a granite bench, a walkway and lilac bushes. The project was completed in May 2011

Benjamin Sherman: Maintenance and repair of Hagerty Hall for St. Matthew Church. His project included both interior and exterior work as well as building new swing sets. The project was completed in August 2013.

Daniel Vogel:
Labeled the storm drains in the village of Livonia that drain into Conesus Lake for the Conesus Lake Association. The project included locating all drains, cleaning curbs and affixing decals that will withstand harsh weather. The project was completed in September 2013.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Zack Anderson, a 15-year-old sophomore at Geneseo Central School and a member of Troop 4070, created a memorial garden for cremation burials at Temple Hill Cemetery.

He envisioned a park-like setting with walkways and a sitting area with a bench. The entrance and walkways would be paved, with flowers and plantings accenting the entrance. Anderson’s proposed sketch of the project was unanimously supported by the cemetery’s board and approval was granted to begin.

Anderson, along with fellow Scouts and friends, started the project August 11. They had three days to excavate a 344-square-foot-area to a depth of 4 feet. It was a difficult dig due to roots and stones but thanks to all of his helpers the site was ready. One of the contractors at the site estimated a cost of $7,000 if the cemetery had contracted the work out to a landscape company.

Al’s Landscaping of Lakeville donated the Geo-fabric, bedding sand and equipment usage for the project, Northern Nurseries of Fairport and the Alliance Company, a Canadian-based manufacturer, donated a new Gater Base product, which eliminates the need for stone, and Techo Bloc of Pittsburgh donated the pavers.

Temple Hill Cemetery Superintendent Dick Gallivan praised Zach for his leadership in this project. He said that it would add about 70 cremation burial sites in a very attractive setting surrounded by flowers.  Also, it will provide a more inexpensive alternative than purchasing a full size plot for a cremation burial.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Three scouts from Boy Scout Troop 26 of Barker — Jordan Bender, William DiLorenzo and Michael Schian —recently completed a series of Eagle Scout projects.

For Bender's project, he organized several work parties to clean out a section of woods behind the Countyline United Methodist Church. After the area was cleaned out, a memorial walkway was created. The walkway includes two garden benches for church members to use for an area of reflection and remembrance of loved ones.

DiLorenzo's Eagle Scout service project was to revitalize the 200-year-old Stewart Cemetery on Carmen Road in Middleport.The project included clearing brush and weeds, resurfacing most of the top ground of the cemetery, cleaning headstones and grave markers and repairing several broken headstones. Unrepairable headstones were placed on a bed of gravel at the grave site. A new cemetery sign and placement was also completed.

Schian's Eagle Scout service project was repurposing an old office building at the Lighthouse Christian Camp in Barker.The office building was used to create a covered pavilion space for parents to enjoy watching their children play near an outdoor play area.Office and camp equipment was removed and carried to another site on camp for future use. The building was completely gutted with walls, windows and the floor removed. The bottoms of the rotted posts were cut and the building was stabilized until the stone and new concrete floor was poured.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Marc Vanderlaan’s Eagle Scout (Troop 35, Medina) project uncovered and memorialized the history of Glenwood Lake and Glenwood Lake Park in Medina. A detailed display on the development of Glenwood Lake is on display in a permanent installation at the park, courtesy of Marc and his fellow scouts. A popular site and a jewel of Orleans County, the boat launch, fishing and picnic areas receive heavy use. 


Photo courtesy Tom Rivers of

In preparation for Memorial Day, cub scouts and boys scouts from Packs and Troops 164 and 60 put hundreds of flags on veterans graves at Mount Albion Cemetery and St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Albion. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


Bobby Younger of Avon became the third generation of the Younger family to be an Eagle Scout, joining his father Jeff, uncle Tim and grandfather Robert.

Bobby’s Eagle Scout Project was to make improvements to Case Park on High Street in the Village of Avon.

The project entailed building and installing a picnic table, a concrete pad for the table, a new park grill and installing landscape timbers and mulch under the swing set.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Jeremy Kocsis of Troop 474 in Bennington led a community service project that saw replacement of the mulch at the town of Sheldon's playground. The surface had become overgrown, so several inches of soil had to be removed.

There was no existing drainage system, so Jeremy and a group of volunteers installed drain pipes, followed by a few inches of gravel, landscaping fabric and finally playground mulch.

It was an extensive project that saw the use of an excavator and skid steer. Jeremy also procured donations of all supplies, including 18 tons of stone!


Spencer Cottman of Troop 61016 earned the rank of Eagle Scout. For his Eagle service project, Spencer marked the trails at Godfrey’s Pond. He also created an updated map of the land.

The property is located in central Genesee County and consists of 235 acres of land and 35 acres of water, both stream and spring fed. There are numerous rolling hills, woodlands and open meadows providing excellent recreation and wildlife habitat and a variety of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty, terrain and length.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Inspired by a trip to Arlington National Cemetery where he was fortunate enough to be chosen to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Ben Chatley of Cambria Troop 8 oversaw the construction of a memorial garden at Cambria Town Park.

It was no small undertaking as you see in the photo: A flagpole was installed, a concrete walkway was laid down, concrete benches were erected and a massive, 5-ft. tall boulder was brought to the site and engraved with a memorial to the men and women who served our nation.


Drew Page, a member of Avon Troop 26, became a fourth-generation Eagle Scout with a worthy project. Bronson Hill Cemetery on Bronson Hill Road in the Town of Avon saw major improvement thanks to the efforts of Drew and his fellow scouts.

Bronson Hill Cemetery was established in 1811 and closed in 1908. Only two burials have taken place since the closing: For a child who died in 1931, whose family plot was in the cemetery, and for a person associated with the cemetery caretaking, who was buried there in 1989.

Drew led thorough clean-up and landscaping efforts, including pruning the trees and removing vines, clearing out a brush-infested section, removal of a decrepit wood fence, installation of two split rail corner posts to define the cemetery boundary, and elimination of the weeds surrounding the cemetery’s largest monument. The improvements were crowned with the installation of a new redwood sign.


Troop 4074's Andrew Sykes (who was one of our council's Junior Assistant Scoutmasters at the 2013 National jamboree) recently became an Eagle Scout. For his Eagle project he oversaw the construction of a lean-to at Letchworth State Park on the Finger Lakes Trail where Trail 21 goes in. 


Jacob Dawson of Cambria Troop 8 Dawson spearheaded an Eagle Scout project that gave some much-needed respect to some of Niagara County's long-deceased.

He knew of the small cemetery on Beach Ridge Road in Pendleton that had some of the headstones broken off their bases. Dawson told the local press “I wanted to put up a plastic sign with the name of the cemetery, the people buried there, and some of the history of the cemetery. I also wanted to plant two trees on either side of the sign along with daffodils around the sign.”

With help from the scouts of Troop 8, he raised the headstones that were buried by grass and took the stones that were in a pile in the cemetery (courtesy of a poorly-intentioned local farmer who had used the headstones as his personal sidewalk stones) and placed them in a raised bed with a wooden frame.

After decades of their mistreatment -- they were forgotten souls -- Jacob brought dignity to the dead.


Eagle Scout Matt Prawel, a member of Troop 35 in Medina, spent several days working with his fellow scouts at The Arc's of Orleans County's Camp Rainbow. Prawel and his friends made some much needed and welcome upgrades to the Camp. With the assistance of Stanton Signs in Medina and the Town of Yates, Prawel had a new sign installed by the roadside.  Prawel partnered with Greg Stanton in designing and creating the sign, and the Town of Yates donated their payloader to remove the old sign and install the new one.

Prawel and his crew also rebuilt and repainted the dozen or so picnic tables in the pavilion area, replaced an old wooden sandbox with a new one, and sanded and repainted the gate and fence near the front of the property.  Prawel raised the money for the project by asking family, friends, and local businesses for donations. 

The Arc of Orleans County is extremely thankful for all of the hard work that Prawel and his team did to improve Camp Rainbow!